Thursday, May 30, 2013

Book Review: The Icecutter's Daughter

Bethany House and Tracie Peterson have done it again!! This time with The Icecutter's Daughter, the first book in the new series Land of Shining Water.  This was a very different book for me to read as far as the setting of it was concerned.  Set in Minnesota in the middle of winter, we met Merrill Krause - only daughter of the icecutter in town and is just as content being "one of the guys" as she is with her ladylike side.  Even though she can train and drive a team of horses better than most men, she does desire to have a family of her own despite a promise to her mother on her deathbed to take care of the family.  When Rurik Jorgenson arrives in town to help his uncle with his furniture and carpentry, Merrill seems to have finally met the man of her dreams.  He is handsome, hard working and not afraid of Merrill's brothers who have run other suitors off in the past.  However,  when Svea Olsson and her brother come to town, Merrill realizes Rurik may not be the man he has said he is.  Questions are raised about Rurik's intergrity, Svea's declarations and her brother's work ethic.  All the while, Merrill is trying to find the truth as well as be the Christian example she is suppose to be to those who may not be acting the right way.  I absolutely loved this book and could not put it down.  It is a fabulous read that will keep you guessing and in your seat until the last page is read - then you will want to know more!  Another great job by Tracie Peterson! Thank you, Bethany House, for the book to read in exchange for this review!

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