Thursday, May 30, 2013

We Are the Champions!!!

We love our Lady Lion Basketball girls
(whoo hoo, Hayley!)
just as much as our baseball boys.
I just can never seem to get some good pictures at those games.  However, I FOR SURE had my camera on this night because I was not going to miss the conference championship!!!

Carter is already too cool for us - he has to sit with the baseball boys during the games.

However, sometimes he will venture over to see Shelbie and Addie who adore him and LB.
 Needless to say, I was too busy cheering during the game to take pictures, but I got the most important ones - AFTER the game!!!

Hayley cutting down the nets

LOVE Cynthia and Hayley

She's a bit excited!!!!

Mom is too!

This mom is too!

Yes, this is a rare picture of Carter and Cynthia!!!

He really does love them! (and the chase)

Hayley and Jordan

The baseball boys are the biggest fans!

besides these two, that is!

Whose child is that?
We are so proud of our NAIA TranSouth Champions!!!!

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