Thursday, May 30, 2013

Patriotic Program 2013

Each year in February, our school presents a Patriotic Program where the third graders choose famous Americans, dress like them, and give a short biography about that person's life.  Carter has been waiting for 2 years to be able to participate in this program and he has known who he wanted to be since that time as well.  Who did he want to be?

Jackie Robinson

Yep and so on this night, he put on his Brooklyn Dodgers jersey, hat and baseball pants to set right up beside Kid President (yea. . . he goes to school with Carter) as the Jackie Robinson duo.

All the participants in the Patriotic Program 2013

The kids from my classroom that participated in the program.

The Jackie's of the night - Carter and Robbie (aka Kid President)

 Big shocker, but I took pictures during the program.  Halfway through the program, Cooper, Chance and I had a little fun with my reversal camera on my phone!

Carter and Cade (aka Peyton Manning)

Gran, Pop, Grandad and Carter

Mr. Bob came to the program as well. We missed Mrs. Joan.

So proud of our Jackie for so many reasons!

Carter and Kid President

I think Jackie would have been proud!

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