Friday, May 23, 2014

August 2013 Recap

For those who are were regular followers of my blog, let me apologize for NOT keeping up with this blog for almost an entire year! (GULP!)
To say that the past 10 months were crazy is an understatement and I know many people have been dealing with things FAR worse than what we have been.  However, I just really felt like the blog was a low priority and it has shown. 
I must admit I have missed blogging and I really hope to get back into it this next year. 
We really did have a wonderful year!
The kids had amazing school years!
The time that was left to me was just not to be spent on blogging.
So . . . now that summer is here, I am going to give you a month-by-month (or big event) recap of what the Welches have been up to the last 10 months.
I hope our time apart is not this long again!

August 2013 began with getting ready to start back to school.  We took the kids out for a back to school dinner (instead of my cooking it).

The next thing we knew school was beginning.  Damon took the kids for their first day since I was having my own first day of school.  Carter is going to have a great year with Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Snider in fourth grade!

As much as it hurts me to say Carter is in 4th grade, it kills my soul to say that LB is in JUNIOR HIGH!  6th grade!!! AHHHHH!!!  She is ready.  Mom is not.

At the end of August, we said good-bye to 2 very special people - John and Erin Jones.  We were blessed to have known them while they were in college.  Then, this summer we were blessed again to have had the privilege of spending the summer with them before they left to be missionaries in New Zealand.  We know God is going to do AMAZING things through them and while we will miss them, New Zealand is now on our bucket list of places we want to go!

August brought us a new love - FLASHLIGHT TAG!  We live in a fabulous neighborhood with incredible neighbors.  The Allen's sent us a flashlight tag challenge one night and the kids have been hooked ever since!  Do they look serious or what?

Our challengers and the best neighbors ever!

What a month!  So thankful for the fact that I am a picture taking FREAK so even though it has been 10 months and I have slept - SOME, I can remember these times!

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Holly said...

Yay!!!!! I was excited to see this in my inbox this morning!!!

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