Saturday, May 24, 2014

CCJHS Eaglette Soccer 2013

LB had a great start to her junior high life as a member of the CCJHS Eaglette Soccer team.
As a 6th grader, we really didn't expect her to play a whole lot, but she saw action in many of the games this year. 
As you will see from the pictures, she is QUITE a bit smaller than anyone else on the field.
However, that did not stop her from getting to the ball and playing hard. 
Many of the parents started calling her "Little Bit" for "LB." 
The team had an amazing season and we are proud of all they accomplished on and off the field!

Picture #1 - Girls coming after LB
LB taking down the girl

LB's first goal as a junior high team member
After the goal after the game . . . 
Hayley got to see the goal and rubbed it in Whitney's face!

At the beginning of the season, a high school senior that was on the soccer team as well as Coach Callis' cousin was killed in a car wreck.  They girls wore bands that said "Brodie" for each game and even wrote his name on their arms.  This picture was the first game after Brodie had been killed.

Lucy and Carter watching LB play!

Walker cheered so hard for LB at the game!

Even Alex got to come see LB play!

and Whitney made it to a game!

Great season, ladies! We are so proud of you!

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