Saturday, May 24, 2014

Book Review: Love Comes Calling

We have all felt like we did not belong in the world we were put in.  We have all felt that we needed to do something else or BE someone else only to realize that where we are is where we need to be.  That is exactly what Ellis Eton learns in Siri Mitchell's book Love Comes Calling from Bethany House.  Ellis is from a well to do family in Boston and being from a traditional family, traditional expectations are given to her - college to go to, profession to have, Griffin Phillips to marry.  However, Ellis feels like the bright lights of Hollywood are calling her and she begins to make plans to head that way.  After having a rough semester in college, she comes home to Janie (a friend who looks like her) needing her to fill in while she goes to look for her father.  Janie works as a telephone switch operator and needs to keep her job now that her mother has passed.  Ellis agrees to help seeing how it can also help her get the money she needs to head to Hollywood.  On the job one day, she overhears a plot to harm Grif - the one her parents want her to marry.  In her resolve to save Grif from potential death, she meets Jack, a police officer who might be in on the Grif scheme.  As her plans to go to Hollywood, save Grif, as well as avoid Grif so love does not bloom begin to go haywire, she learns very valuable lessons about being who God has made you to be in the place where He has put you.  A wonderful story full of many twists and turns, love, mystery, suspense and a real heroine!  Thank you, Bethany House, for allowing me to review this book for you!

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