Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day Two: The Zoo

Day Two began with a cold trip to the zoo. The weather was not what had been projected on Sunday night but we stuck it out for a little while and then a little while longer once we found the primate house and the reptile house. This is a wonderful zoo with so much to offer! We spent the morning but could have spent all day. Maybe next time the weather will cooperate a little bit more!

Lilly gets a kiss through the glass from an iguana while we kept warm in the reptile house! Don't worry - it's not real! A group picture - these kids were the best! Hello! from one side of the iguana cage to the other! "Hip Hip Hip Hippopotamus!" - yes we sang the song as we were up close to the hippo!

1 comment:

Smelling Coffee said...

You ladies are brave and wonderful mamas to take off with the kids on that special trip. It looks like you've all had a blast!

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