Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Magic of the Magic House!

With a bit of magic we ended a wonderful trip with a stop at the Magic House. This is a must do anytime you go to St. Louis!!! It does cost but there are plenty of BOGO tickets out there! We could have spent all day there. There was so much to see and lots and lots to do! Words do not even begin to express how great this place was! We ate lunch at the cutest little café – The Picnic Basket Café and then we were able to experience one of our favorite children’s book characters while we were there. The Curious George traveling exhibit was there at the time and we ran into the curious little monkey more than once while we were there. This is the best way to END any trip to St. Louis. We can’t wait to go back!

Doormen Lilly and Laura Beth welcome you to the Curious George exhibit
Tucker and Carter dig into the sand
Evan and Laura Beth with our friend, Curious George

Carter and Tucker with Curious George

These two climbed this 4 story beanstalk about 20 times!

President Laura Beth answers phone calls from the Oval Office
Tyler Hughes would be so proud of Carter living at the fishing hole
Judge Carter is ready to hear your case!
Laura Beth and the "static ball"

I would recommend this place to ANYONE! It was worth the trip!

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