Monday, December 12, 2011

Fun at Cookie Swap 2011

We had a lovely day for the Cookie Swap this year.  After all the girls arrived, we gathered them around the table to make their goody bags that they would deliver later in the afternoon.  Thanks to my awesome sister in law who found an awesome end of the season sale, we had the most precious gingerbread house invites, gingerbread man recipe cards, and goody bags (along with the labels you see in the below post). The girls had a great time making sure their bag was "just right."

What a precious group of young ladies and their mothers that joined us for an afternoon of fun, fellowship and service!

After we made goody bags to deliver, we enjoyed our own treats of all kinds.  Many eyes were bigger than stomachs, but most platters with the cookies were practically empty, so any extras got to go home.  After we enjoyed our treats and talking, we broke into groups to deliver the cookie goody bags to special older friends who live around us.  It is sad to see that each year our list changes a bit with the passing on of some of our dear older friends.  I always think about them as we pass their houses . . . .  We had such a big group this year, we broke into 3 different groups to deliver.

Group 1 making their way down the road to deliver to the
Pevahouses, Swift sisters and Mr. Kirby.

Group #2 stopping at the Robinsons after seeing Mr. Cole
(who, by the way, ate some of the cookies before Mrs. Cole got a chance to have any!!)

Group 2 walking down the hill on their way back to Gran's house after delivering.

Group 3 stopping to sing and share with sweet Mrs. Hogan.
They also visited the Yates and the Gilliams.
This is one of my favorite days of the year! I am so glad that Laura Beth loves to cook and wants to spend time with me and her gran!!!  Can't wait till more fun next year!

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