Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Cookies of Cookie Swap 2011

Saturday, Laura Beth's precious friends and their mothers gathered at Gran's house for the third annual Generational Cookie Swap!!!!  I can't believe it was three years ago (see last year's swap here) that we had the first one!  It has become a highlight of our holiday season.  Mom (aka Gran) found this cute idea for the centerpiece so we have more room on the table for the cookies - because that is so important!!!  She used fishing line (or white thread) to hand special ornaments from some foreign country (don't remember which one) from the chandelier. Everyone loved it!!!

Her wooden Dum Dum tree was the centerpiece for the goodie bag table again - always a hit with the kids!

The best thing about this party is you don't have to do a whole lot of more decorating if you have your house decorated for Christmas.  Laura Beth chose this cookie for our swap cookie this year.  It was cute, but not easily transportable!!!  We took sugar cookies, iced them and used all kinds of different candy to decorate them!

Find all the cookie recipes here.
I would say we ate VERY well!!!!  We also enjoyed non-sweets made by Pop and Gran.

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