Saturday, December 24, 2011

Special Delivery from the North Pole

This morning when Carter woke up, he ran into a trail of paper scraps out of his room and into the dining room.  There was a note attached from Jolly, our elf, telling Carter that Jolly had left Momma all kinds of food for her to cook everyone for a special North Pole breakfast.  

The scraps led to the table where Carter saw this.  I really wish I had a picture of his face when he saw the table.  It was PRICELESS!!!!  The next note was found with Jolly telling Carter to call Gran and Grandad's house to get LB (who had spent the night) and everyone else over for breakfast.

Jolly left each kid a Santa mug for them to drink hot chocolate.  They thought this was great.  Damon and his brother had Santa mugs growing up, so I guess Jolly thought these Welch kids needed to continue the tradition!

Here's the table!!!  Jolly did a pretty good job decorating I thought.  He got my friend, Jennifer Hart, to make the paper decorations we used.  They included the notecards, napkin rings, cupcake wrappers and Ho Ho Ho signs that hung from the ceiling fan.

Jolly must love Pinterest because he left me instructions to make these chocolate reindeer . . .

and these snowmen (did not turn out as well as Jolly would have liked, but they worked) . . .

North Pole Breakfast Menu

chocolate reindeer doughnut holes

snowmen doughnut holes

North Pole blankets
(pigs in a blanket)

North Pole cupcakes
(chocolate chip and blueberry muffins)

snowmen bottled milk

hot chocolate with marshmallows

We had a great time and I hope this becomes a tradition in our family!!!

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Melissa Lester said...

Very cute, Becky! Love it!

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