Monday, December 24, 2012

Dinner and a Movie - Grinch Style

We are finally out for Christmas! To celebrate the day we got out, we invited our friends and neighbors, the Allens, over for a dinner and movie night - Grinch style.  I had had ALL KINDS of ideas floating around in my head, but since I had only been out of school for 5 hours, that stuff did not happen.  However, a great time was had by all!

The Grinch was the centerpiece for our table along with red, green
and gold ornaments in clear vases.

The Grinch Menu

Roast Beast

Roast Beef

Hash brown Casserole

Grinch Fingers


Grinch Casserole
(Green Bean Casserole)

Christmas Spirit
(Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash - our Christmas drink choice)

After the dinner and wonderful conversation, we walked across the street to the Allen's.  They have a movie projector in their front room. So, we all got comfy, popped popcorn and watched the Grinch movie and some other Christmas mini movies while we enjoyed each other's company.

I love Christmas so much and it is times like this that make the holiday so special! The kids have already asked what we are going to do next year.  I am thinking ELF, but we shall see!!!!

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