Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ornament Pinterest Party

I LOVE Pinterest.  I have a ton of boards for everything under the sun.  One of the things I was afraid of as I started Pinterest was I would be a pinner and not a doer.  I am very good about doing things for school that I have pinned, and my college kids have help me responsible for recipes I have pinned.  It's the craft ideas that I was afraid I would not do.  So, when Kristen decided to start Pinterest parties, I was ALL in!  We had a great one in October with wonderful food and fun crafting.  We all were looking forward to the one in December where we would bring an ornament we had made to exchange.  Sherry was our gracious host for the evening.  We started by making our first ornament - an owl.  You can use this recipe to make the dough for the owl and then follow this pin to see the steps it takes to make the owl.  It was super cute and super easy!!!!

Allison and Bonnie getting their dough ready

My owl
Then, we ate some WONDERFUL food!!! OH. MY. STARS!  It was amazing!
I am going to have do to another post just on the food - once I find all the recipes!!

When we sat down to eat, Sherry had a little baggie with everything we needed to make another ornament that again was super cute and super easy!!!  It made an angel.  You can follow the instructions at this website to help you.  I am going to do this with my class at school next year. I think they would love it!

My angel
Then, we played a nice version of dirty Santa with the ornaments we had each made.  It was so neat to see everyone's "first" ornament they had made.  We all had so much fun!

Sandy got Sherry's owl she had made

Sherry also made each of us one of these precious little mittens with a Euro in each one.

Sherry got Chelsea's Melted Snowman ornament

Bonnie got Sasha's snowflake ornament
Allison got Bonnie's snowman ornament
Kelli got Bridget's spool ornament
I got Dana's owl and Santa's Belly ornament
Chelsea got Kelli's gift tag PERSONALIZED ornament (which could also be used as a gift card holder)!!
Sasha got my cardinal ornament that I made with the Winter Wonderland cartridge and stickles!
Ashley got Kristen's ornament - I think this is the link to what she did!
Kristen got Sandy's ornament
Dana got Ashley's owl (Owls were big this year!)
Bridget got Allison's peppermint ornament

All the girls!

Next year, we have decided to make 12 (gulp) ornaments each.  Each one of us will do one of the 12 Days of Christmas so at the end, we will have one ornament for each of the days.  Mine is "3 French Hens," so if you have any ideas, I would LOVE to hear them!

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Jaime said...

They are all SO cute!! :)

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