Sunday, December 23, 2012

Generational Cookie Swap 2012

For a few years now, we have been getting together with Laura Beth's good friends, their mothers and grandmothers for what has become known as the Generational Christmas Cookie Swap.  It is one of the highlights of the season without a doubt!!!  This year was one of our biggest turnouts yet!  It was, again, so much fun!  As the girls arrived, they met at the breakfast table and designed snowflakes with glitter pens.  This has definitely turned into a group day because now others who have come to the party are finding things to add to the party! Thanks to Jana and LeighAnne for finding and bringing the snowflakes!

Good friends come in all ages!
 After the snowflakes were made, the girls took turns filling Christmas tins with treats for our neighbors we were going to be visiting later on in the afternoon.  The girls were able to fill each tin to the rim with wonderful goodies that were brought.

Lexi and Kate fill their tins full!

MG and LB get ready to fill their tins

Cecily works on hers
Once the treats for the neighbors were filled, the girls were able to do a little sampling of their own!

LB and Eden enjoying all the different kinds of cookies!

Moms and grandmothers enjoy as well . . . 
 We broke into 3 groups and visited close to 15 homes bringing a little Christmas cheer along the way.  It was so good for the girls to learn to go in and visit with others.  Many of the girls have developed relationships with different ones we have visited and ask to go back each year to see those same people.

Visiting with our new neighbors - the Barbers!

Mrs. Vera promised to share her cookies with Mr. Lee who is now in the
nursing home.

A stop by the Pevahouse's is always a must!

What a very special group of girls who are turning into LOVELY young ladies!

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