Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy 88th Birthday, Grandmama!!!

Grandmama Whittle on her 88th Birthday

She could not get enough of the cake. She thought it was so good.

Carter and Laura Beth help Grandmama open presents.

Saturday we were able to celebrate Grandmama's 88th birthday at the Chester County Nursing Home. She had a wonderful day with everyone. She told some people she was 26 years old and that today was her birthday!!! However, when it was time for her to open her presents she could not believe that it was her birthday!!! Because of health reasons and distance, the ones that were able to be at the party were Papa (Walker), Mom (Dwina), RoRo (Rosemary), Damon, Laura Beth, Carter, Jonathan (Rosemary's son), Rebecca (his wife), Aunt Hazel (Grandmama's sister who also lives in the nursing home) and me. A sweet lady from church made her a chocolate (Grandmama's favorite) cake which she loved!!! Every bite was like the first for her. She would just sigh and close her eyes with each bite saying how good it was. It was so good to see her enjoying her time on her day.
The day was a nice change from the week we had been having. Grandmama has had congestive heart failure and we think that it is back. She was retaining water and her legs and feet were swelling. Please keep Grandmama in your prayers. The doctors have upped her meds and have seen that her fluid level in her body is extremely high. This has been causing her a lot of pain and making her days hard on her. Grandmama is a very sick lady and we are blessed with every day we have her with us!!!
Happy 88th Birthday, Mary Louise Cobb Whittle!!!!

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