Monday, February 4, 2008

Mother Daughter Day

Saturday was a special day for Laura Beth and me. Some of my girlfriends had found a tea room about 45 minutes away from us and decided we needed to have an extra girls' day (we usually go out one night a month to celebrate birthdays). Laura Beth has always wanted to go with us, but they are usually on a school night which makes it hard for her to go. However, since this one was on a Saturday, she was able to go with us and we had a wonderful day. It was a lovely old house (as you can tell from the pictures) with so much character. Different rooms were decorated in different themes. Some were where you had your lunch and some you could shop in. We ate our lunch in the sunroom. Laura Beth dined on chicken fingers, chips and sweet tea (in a big girl's glass). I shared with my friend Sharon so we could taste different things. My lunch included chicken salad on crossiant and a pesto crossaint that was divine!!! I am trying to figure out how they made it!!! Each lunch was brought out on a different china plate that seemlessly flowed together!! The different tea pots and tea cups were the perfect touch as well. Laura Beth and I enjoyed eating together and looking for the perfect take home to help us remember the day. Laura Beth chose a heart picture frame for herself as well as one for Gran, Nana and Grandmama. She decided we are going to put the picture of the two of us in the frame for each of them. It was a perfect day for tea and time spent together. We are already planning our next trip.

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