Monday, February 25, 2008

Saying Goodye

Me and Megan Thompson after Senior Day

Megan and Laura Beth

One of the worst things about working with college kids is saying goodbye. I have never been one for goodbyes. I got use to them thanks to my growing up in an Air Force home and having to move every 3-4 years, but I never liked them. When we took the job at Freed-Hardeman, I never thought we would develop the relationships we have with so many of the college kids. My dad laughs and says he never knows who is going to be at the house when he comes. We have kids just pop in at any time of day or night to talk, to eat, to play or just to be. Don't get me wrong, I would not change it for the world, but come May (and sometimes December) my heart breaks. The spring semester seems to be the worst. Starting in February, we have reminders that our time with some of them is coming to a close and Saturday was one of them. We have been blessed to have 4 girls in our lives over the past 3 years that we have grown so close to. 3 of them played or play basketball of FHU's Lady Lion basketball team. 2 graduated last year - but have stayed around for grad school and teaching jobs. We are very blessed to still have them around to where we see them frequently. However, this year, we lose our Megan. Megan came along with Ashley and Kari 2 years ago and was so quiet. We have gradually seen her come out of her shell and every day we fall more in love with her. Saturday was her senior day - her last official home game as a Lady Lion (we hope to have more during conference tournament). She is not staying around, but is moving back home around Cookeville. We will miss Megan's laugh, smile, 3 pointers and just being around. We know we have a few more months with her, but we want her to know we will miss her greatly and love her very much!!! Here's to you, Megan Thompson!!!!

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