Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow little . . . . But Snow Glad!!!

Cecily finally sees the snow!!!

We FINALLY got a little snow yesterday. It was not a lot, but since this is the end of February I bundled my kids and Cecily (a little girl I keep) and went outside for what may be the only snow we get this winter. The kids were so excited. You really can't even tell from the pictures that it was snowing, but it was. We have been teased a few times with very light snow, but nothing where we could actually go out and see. So yesterday was a nice surprise. It didn't last long because by bedtime it was all gone, but you have to enjoy what you get when you get it!!! Needless to say, there was school today, but we did see snow flurries again this morning as we all went off to our different schools. I, personally, would have liked to have seen more, but the kids were thrilled with what they got. Therefore, I need to learn the lesson I have trying to teach them, "Be content with what you have!!!"

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