Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Laura Beth's First Research Project

The new standards in Tennessee require each Kindergartener to choose a research topic, do research and present it. Laura Beth's teacher - the wise woman she is!! - chose to let them pick an animal to research during of their study on the zoo. Laura Beth - being the avid FHU Lion fan she is - chose to research the lion. She did a good job. We went online and found 5 facts about the lion that she wanted to share with her class. They were:

1. You can hear a lion's roar from 5 miles away. (To which she tried to demonstrate that for me)

2. Lions live in Africa. (We had learned that at one time lions lived in many different places, but today they live in Africa. She asked, "If they live in Africa today, where will they live tomorrow?" I could not answer that one!)

3. Mama lions do the hunting for food.

4. Baby lions are called cubs.

5. Lions are the king of the beasts.

One of our college students had been to Africa and sent her pictures of the lions over email. So, we made a power point presentation using those pictures to help tell about her 5 facts. Then, she asked me if she could put pictures of her favorite lions in her power point presentation. We added pictures of Lady Lion Megan Thompson, Lady Lion Ashley Helton, Lady Lion Kari Bishop, Big Lion Justin Forrest and the FHU Lion mascot to the end of her presentation. She declared, "This is the best research project EVER!!!!"

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