Friday, July 4, 2008

Can I Have a Friend Come to Play?

Laura Beth is my social butterfly and is always ready to go or to have someone come over. Last night she looked at me and asked if she could have a friend come over to play the next day (today). Don't they always ask at the most inappropriate times? I asked her who she wanted to come over, thinking it would be one of her friends her age, and she quickly replied, "Jessica and Anna Catherine because they don't have to babysit tomorrow!!" I told her I would email them to see if they could, but, since they were about to leave on a mission trip, they might not be able to come. I did as I said and asked the girls if they had some spare time if they could come over for a little while to play. This morning when I checked I had emails back from them saying they would love to come. What a surprise for Laura Beth this afternoon when the girls pulled in the driveway!! They were so sweet to spend the nextt 2 hours playing Wii, Uno Attack and just hanging out with my kids. These two young ladies have always been special to our family. They were our flower girls in our wedding and were amoung Laura Beth's first visitors after she was born. I am so glad that our lives have been filled with these 2 lovely ladies and thank God that my children have them as role models. I will always remember special things about these two, but the 4th of July - the day before they left for the Guyana mission trip - when they came over to play, will always be a special memory for me. Thank you, Jessica and AC for all you do for and mean to my family!

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My Sweethearts said...

I love this post! The Steeles are a very special family to us as Dave lived with them the summer before we got married (9 years ago this August). It's neat to see what wonderful young ladies they have grown into. I wish we lived closer so they could come play with my kids! Ya'll are truly blessed. :)

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