Sunday, July 6, 2008

Horizons, Yo!!!!!!!!!!

I have been blessed for 17 years now to be involved with a camp at Freed-Hardeman called Horizons. I took 2 years off - one in college and another to get married, but other than that I have found myself at FHU's campus no matter where I have lived on the first full week of July. My role has changed each year with the camp from being a camper, to counselor, to teacher, to now being in charge of teachers and night activities. I have seen the camp grow from one full dorm and one floor of another dorm my first year to 2 weeks with 2 1/2 dorms full each week. While the time before Horizons is pretty stressful (a complete understatement!), the days of Horizons are full of great times. Sometimes Horizons is the only time I get to see special people that have helped me grow as a Christian.
My kids and wonderful husband were great helpers yesterday as we were getting preparations ready for the girls to come today. The kids and I put name tags on the doors of the 2 1/2 dorms. They did a great job pitching in and helping Momma. Damon has a huge help as usual, lugging boxes and bottled water all over campus for Mrs. Hope.
You may not hear much from me this next two weeks. Please keep us and the precious souls coming to Horizons in your prayers.

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Ryan and Katie said...

I love the title. I always refer to it as Horizons YO! and not just Horizons. I assume they still sing that song every morning?

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