Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Special Lunch with Friends

Our afternoon began at McDonald's in Jackson. This McDonald's has a HUGE indoor playland. We met our very dear friends, Stephanie, Kinlee, and Parker, for lunch and an hour of play there. We enjoyed just being together and not having to be rushed. The kids got a long so well and Steph and I just loved catching up on everything under the sun.
From McDonald's we went to Chuck E. Cheese to just have fun!! The kids had a blast running around the area playing anything and everything they could get their hands on! I was so surprised how well Carter and Parker got a long considering a big age difference. Parker was so kind to include Carter and treat him just like a big kid. LB and Kinlee picked up right where they left off - talking 90 mph and going 100 mph!!
I am so glad that, even though there is distance that keeps us from seeing each other more, when we do get together the times are wonderful!

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