Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Just Like the Big Guys - July 17, 2008

The baseball obsession continues in our house where Carter is concerned. He wants everything to be just like the big guys. We have been around and around this year with his room and his not keeping it clean. Most of the time it is not clean because he wants a dugout just like the big guys. Not being in that mind set, I had no idea what to do to solve this problem. However, Damon to the rescue!! He spent Thursday night transforming part of Carter's room into a dugout area. What a great guy!! Carter was absolutely thrilled. He even made signs to put on his door that says "Braves Dugout." So, part of our problems are now solved, but does anyone know how to place a baseball field into the house? Carter leaning over the dugout "just like the big guys." Thanks to Laura Beth for the use of the pink stool!
Carter sitting in the dugout ready for his turn on the field.
Damon even organized the equipment - hats in the top bucket, gloves in the middle and catcher's equipment in the bottom.

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