Thursday, July 10, 2008

Got to Love a Rain Puddle!!

The kids are such good sports when we have to go down for night activities at Horizons. On Monday, we held an outdoor concert and went down early to help decorate the commons area. While Damon and I were inside blowing up balloons and setting out things for Coke floats, the kids discovered this puddle from the earlier rain storm. They took great delight in jumping in and out of it. I never have my camera when they do this, so I loved catching these moments. It reminds me you have to take time to enjoy the simple joy of things, even in the midst of a crazy week!! I look at these pictures and just smile . . . . . and remember why I do what I do.
Moments later (when the camera had been put away) Carter came in soaking wet - in the front only. I asked him what he had done, and he smiled his biggest smile replying, "I slid into home plate and was safe!!!" Yes, he slid head first on the concrete into this puddle!! Where was my camera when THAT happened?

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