Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fishing with Tyler "Whose"

One of our college kids is a HUGE fisherman! The kids have been begging to go fishing with them once the weather was appropriate for them. Tyler was more than gracious to call them on Thursday to go fishing. They all went out to the Gover's pond and enjoyed a time together fishing by the pond. Both kids were lucky enough to catch a fish. Laura Beth loved her little one but Carter was not so sure about the catfish which turned out to be about as big as he is! Yes, he did catch it. Tyler had to hold the pole once it was hooked or the pole and Carter would have been in the pond! Carter reeled it in until it got close to the shore. At that point, Carter saw how big it was and how it was jerking and all. He decided he wanted NOTHING to do with it! He did get somewhat close for a few pictures!
I believe everyone enjoyed being together and will always remember this first fishing trip! Thanks, Tyler!


McCrory Family said...

I didn't recognize Carter with his haircut!! He looks like such a little man - SO CUTE!! :) And that is one big!

Stephanie said...

I love Carter's expression in the pic. on the bottom right - not quite sure about the whole thing!!!

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