Monday, April 6, 2009

NAIA National Tournament

We spent part of our spring break cheering on our Lady Lions and Lions basketball teams in the National Tournaments. Our guys played in Kansas City so we could not go there. We were able to get it over the internet and wired it to the movie screen at FHU. There were about 30 of us watching at FHU's new movie theatre cheering them on despite an overtime loss. The next day we were able to go to Jackson to see our Lady Lions play. Last year the kids made signs for each day so we had to carry on the tradition this year. Miss Nicole came to get the sign to take to the Lady Lions. They put the sign right by the bench during the game. It helped some because they ladies won that game.
Laura Beth and Tara after the game.

Laura Beth and our All-American Player of the Year, Jana Cross
(as well as their sign they made)

The ladies lost the next game - we were not able to be there but we did send another sign for them.

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