Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wonderful, Merciful Savior - Horizons 2009

Again, I was very blessed to be able to work with the FHU summer camp for future church leaders called Horizons this year. I have been involved with this camp for 18 years - either as a camper, counselor, teacher, and assistant director. I have seen the camp grow from filling two dorms to every dorm on campus and each year it just gets better! This year was no exception! We made some changes to the program while still focusing on special classes to train and encourage these teens to be leaders in God's church now and in the future. While the week does bring many long nights (some of those I bring on myself, though, visiting!) and many obstacles, I love getting with friends, former teachers/counselors, and my college kids who come back to work as counselors. I was very blessed to be able to spend most of the week with the 4 ladies you see below - Kim and Tammy (top picture) were my sidekicks for most of the week. I would not have made it through without them! Alli and Danae (bottom pics) are two of my college girls. Alli spent 4 days with me and multiple campers making cards for our soldiers, missionaries, St. Jude's patients and others. I loved having down time with Danae - sitting, swinging, and just talking about whatever was on our hearts and minds.

It was a wonderful week but I am glad it is behind us now! There is not much summer left to enjoy so that is our focus now.

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