Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Day Our Family Is Divided

Well, today is the day. This morning all four of us are very happy people. By tonight, only some (or one) of us will be happy. Yes, today is the day MY BAMA teams plays HIS TEXAS team. I was told I had to leave the house which meant I was taking the kids with me because at that point both of them were pulling for BAMA as well. However, things have changed a bit. I am still leaving the house only to go to Kim's house so we can both yell together. Damon, however, has to work until midnight tonight. (Bless his heart.) He says he is making a shirt that says "Do not tell me the score of the game," and is hoping to make it home without hearing ANYTHING about the game. Then, while it will take us 4 hours or so to watch the game, he will sit and watch it in a matter of 2 hours - maybe (depends on how good the game actually is to him!) - thanks to the amazing DVR!
I should have known this would be the year we played each other because pictures like these taken from last year did not happen. I still can't believe we are playing each other. We have been dating/married for almost 14 years and this has never happened. I have always been supportive of Texas and ever since Colt McCoy has been the quarterback I have been a relatively big fan of Texas! So it is with a heavy heart (on Colt's account) that I will be pulling against them tonight.

As for the kids, we have tried not to make our problem their problem. Laura Beth from the get go has supported the TIDE in amazing fashion, if I do say so myself. She tried to see if she had a different BAMA shirt she could wear for each day this week, but we didn't. I am sure if the Tide comes out with a win the short sleeve smocked Bama dress will be worn on Sunday to church.
Carter, oh Carter. Right now, Carter is wearing BAMA gear but has declared (as we knew he would) that he does not know who to cheer for - Texas or Bama. He likes them both and how can he cheer against Colt McCoy who goes to church on Sunday? (I feel your pain there, son!)
I told Damon last night that I was glad we were playing Texas in this game because if we win (which he thinks we will) I will be so very happy! However, if they win (which I think they will), it won't hurt as much because it is to a team I like and respect. (If it would be to some other Big 12 or Pac 10 team I might be physically sick.)
I am sure something will be posted tomorrow but until then . . . .

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Ashley Rutledge said...

oh boy! What a tough night that had to be. If McCoy wouldn't have got hurt it could've been closer, but Gilbert did a good job.
And I like Ingram...nice kid.
congrats to you, becky and to you, Damon, I am sorry :(

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