Saturday, January 30, 2010

A West TN Blizzard

Thursday night we got a call saying school was cancelled for Friday. They said a BIG storm was coming our way but wen we woke up Friday morning we thought we had missed it. However, by 9:00 that morning freezing rain was coming down . . . . The kids stayed by the window giving me constant updates on what was going on outside . . .
2 hours later, we had 4 inches of snow/ice and our backyard had been turned into a winter wonderland. After Cecily went home, we bundled up and had some fun in the snow. It was hard to walk in it but that did not stop any of us!

The kids in the snow
Laura Beth
After climbing up to the top of the tree house
and then sliding down
I am sure we will have more adventures in this snow because it is not going away any time soon. Damon worked yesterday morning and it took him an hour and a half to get home (it usually takes 30-45 minutes). Then, his truck got stuck in Mom and Dad's ditch. About 1:00, ice started falling from the sky and kept falling until 6:30 or so. So, we had an inch of ice on top of the 6-8 inches of snow on top of the 1/2 ice!!! The kids asked if we were having a blizzard and I told them it was as close to a blizzard as West Tennessee would get!

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