Saturday, January 9, 2010

We Are Back!!!

Thursday night we went to Wayne and Kim's to watch THE game. We had lots of good food to eat, but, I think only the kids ate! The rest of us were a tad nervous! We enjoyed being together and cheering on our team. The game was not what I thought it would be. I think it TIDE is back on the football scene and I am so glad. I am not a fair weather fan, who will always stand by my team, but it is a little sweeter when you are winning!
Kim and Wayne trying to enjoy part of the game
When we realize we actually had won the game!
Carter and LB giving Katy high 5's!
Carter wanting to give me one!
Watching the trophy ceremony
National Championship Rookies - this is the first one mine remember.
They were 2 and 3 when Texas won.
This is Katy's first!
Until next year . . . . . ROLL TIDE ROLL!

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Carmen said...

When Phillip turned on the game, I asked who playing. (I know; you are appalled, but I am not too much into college football anymore) When he told me who was playing, my first response was, "Oh, I bet Becky and Damon are having fun being at odds." He said, "I thought Becky is a Texas fan." I told him that if I remember correctly that you were a BAMA fan, but then he had me second guessing myself. I am glad to see that I was right!

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