Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dear Colt McCoy,

Dear Colt,

I have been meaning to write this letter to you for sometime now. I am writing as a mother, an Alabama football fan, but, most importantly, a Christian. I have laughed telling people I am a Texas fan by marriage. I love college football so willingly watched Major Applewhite, Chris Simms (not so willingly there) and Vince Young play. However, I never formed an attachment to any of them - until four years ago. As you have gone through Texas, my now 6 year old son, has turned into a college football fan and an even bigger Colt fan. He runs around in his Texas football jersey being Colt - we have even had to call him Colt. However, usually after he reminds us he is Colt, he looks at us and tells us, "And I am going to church tomorrow after the game because that is one thing that makes God happy." He knows and realizes how important your faith is to you. Because of seeing how important it is to you - as you play your sport - he tries to make it a priority as he plays, goes to school and leads his life. You have taught him something that as a mom I have tried to talk to him about, but you have shown him how to live it. I can never thank you enough for all of that.
Our house was divided on January 7 - some of us cheering for Texas and most of us cheering for Alabama, but I can honestly say we were all cheering for you. Our hearts were broken when you were put out of the game and I struggled to explain to a 6 year old boy how he would never see one of his heroes play in a Texas Longhorn uniform again. While some of us were happy with the Alabama win, the wind was taken out of us because we knew how serious your injury was.
Thank you for always "standing on the Rock." Thank you for not just talking all the talk about being a Christian but for living as a Christian. Thank you for taking your faith seriously. Thank you for being a hero on and off the field for my little boy. You will always have a fan in me and my family.

May God's richest blessings flow down on you and yours and may He continue to bless you as you bless those around you!

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