Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A "Great" Game

If there is a baseball game in town, we are there! Saturday was the PERFECT day for baseball in Tennessee, and we were able to see some of our favorites.

our favorite college baseball team

our favorite pitcher

our favorite little 2 year old boy cousin

our favorite 89 year old great grandfather

We met up with RoRo, Bub, Andrew, and Papa at FHU's baseball game Saturday.  I felt like I had stepped back in time about 5 years.  Andrew was in LOVE with the baseball team, game, field, etc. - just like Carter had been at that age.  It was so much fun to watch!
Andrew catching a baseball game like McCann
 Here is Great Papa Whittle with 3 of his 6 great grandkids.  Papa loves baseball just as much as Carter and Andrew do, so it was so special to see them all together enjoying the game together!
Carter, Papa, Andrew, LB take in the FHU baseball game.

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