Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Human Highlight Reel

As part of our Christmas, dear friends of ours, gave us a Grizzlies fan package.  In this package, was 4 free tickets to a Grizzlies game.  We were pumped!! A perfect gift for our family!!  We choose a game during Spring Break and took off for Memphis yesterday afternoon.  We parked at the FedEx Forum and  took a little walk around downtown Memphis.  We stopped in front of the forum to nab some pictures.

 LB believes she is getting too old for my CONSTANT picture taking - oh well, dear! You will have your picture taken continually for a long time!!!

Walking through downtown, we ran into AutoZone Park, home of the Memphis RedBirds (Cardinals AAA team).  This is a beautiful park and we already have plans to go there this summer (Thank you, Groupon!!!).  Of course we had to stop.  Carter really wanted to go in, but the Memphis Tigers and Ole Miss Rebels were about to play a game.  He is ready to go back - NOW!
You can see his little self under the sign.  
 From there, we went to Huey's for supper.  This place has been known for having the best hamburgers in Memphis for YEARS now!!  They were amazing - as well as the cheese sticks!  The highlight of the meal, though, was trying to get the toothpicks that came with our hamburgers stuck in the ceiling.  This proved to be MUCH tougher than it looked.
Carter just could not get it done
Damon and I both had problems as well. Damon DID come close though.

LB managed to get hers on the tv stand that was in the corner of the wall!!
 After supper, we walked back to the forum and got ready for the game.  The Grizzlies were playing the Clippers.  Carter was cheering for the Grizzlies - sportin' his Shane Battier jersey, but was really excited to see the ultimate Human Highlight Reel himself - Blake Griffin!!!  Sorry my pictures are from so far away - note to self and all who may go to a Grizzlies or NBA game - YOU CANNOT TAKE YOUR BIG ZOOM or BIG CAMERA to the games.  I was lucky and got my camera in, but the big zoom spent the game with security!  Like I look like a maniac who is going to take out the teams as well as all around me!! Oh well!  At least I got to take my camera and did not have to use my camera phone!  We enjoyed watching shoot around and warm ups.
Carter and Blake - Blake is in the red warm up pants right beside center court.
 I was ready to see my Duke boy Shane Battier.  With them growing playoff beards, it made it a little difficult to find him, but I did!!!  I admit, I screamed a little and during the game, when he was not in, I screamed, "Put in Shane!" every now and then.  LB declared it "embarassing."  I guess we have reached that point.  I did calm it down a bit because I don't want to be one of THOSE mothers.
Shane is in the paint on the yellow!!! YAY, Shane!!!!
We had a great time despite a HORRIBLE ending to the game!!! The poor Grizzlies lost by 1, but they are still playoff bound!!!! Thank you, Steeles, for a wonderful evening!!!

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Sandy said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I almost got my camera locked up too when we went not long ago. Thankfully I had not taken my bigger zoom lens in and they let me get by!! Whew!

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