Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Book Review: Daddy Dates

I have put Damon to work again!!!! This time I had him read the book Daddy Dates by Greg Wright.  Thomas Nelson sent us this complimentary book for him to read and it was an enjoyable book.  It was a very easy read - being that it read a lot like he would have talked to you.  There was a lot of humor in the book as well.  Mr. Wright wanted to be able to spend time with his four daughters doing things THEY liked, not just what he liked.  He wanted to be able to spend time with them on a one-on-one basis as he got to know them, what they liked, their friends, etc.  Greg would call the daughters when it was their time to set up a "date."  The date would not include something like a movie because they were not able to talk and interact during a movie. During the dates, Greg would show the daughters how they should be treated on a date - opening the doors for them, manners, etc.  The Wright girls cannot date until they are in college.  They are able to go out in groups, but not a single date.  Not only did Wright spend and develop time with his daughters, his relationship with his wife was a constant top priority, showing his girls daily how a relationship should be.  He would recommend this one to any dad with girls, but it can also apply to boys as well.

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Kimberly Washer said...

Yes, I have heard of men doing this. I heard about this one dad who the day his daughter turned 16 he left the house and let her get ready for their date. He came back and picked her up and did the same thing Mr. Wright did by showing her how a boy should treat her on a date. I so want Gary to do that with our daughter and if we have boys I will make them take me on a date!! Oh I can't wait until you and Damon do this with LB and Carter!!!

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