Friday, June 24, 2011

MSYC Week 3

Laura Beth saved up her birthday money so she could go back to MSYC for another week with Anniston.  She and Anniston met a year ago December when Anniston was here visiting grandparents.  They hit it off and have planned to go to camp together for a year now!!  They had such a wonderful time with each other and new friends.

With counselor Brittany

with Counselor Sara - never had her but we loved her!!!

An added blessing of the week was having Hayley there.  You might recognize realize she looks
a lot like our college kids Hunter and Whitney. Hayley is their younger sister who will be at FHU
in the fall.  She and LB hit it off BIG TIME!

getting ready for camp sing along!
 When LB went to camp first week, she won second place in the model walk.  We never saw this walk - she REFUSED to show us what it looked like.  However, this week she won FIRST PLACE in the model walk and had to do her walk going up to get her award!!!!!
So proud! We work hard on that at home!
I guess being Sam from the Streets and winning first in the model walk is worth it when your child also receives the Bible Student of the Week award!!! Of this we are proud of her. I have seen so much personal growth in her from her time this year at MSYC, and just could not be prouder!!!

As camp comes to a close, the campers gather round and sing A Common Love together.  I love that she and Hayley are together for this song!

One of the biggest things about camp - FRIENDS!!!!

Hope, LB, Kristin and Anniston

Katie, LB and Claire - I remember when these Morris twins were born!!!

Blessed beyond measure to have Miss Brittany again!

A big hug and an "I love you" from Miss Sara

LB's amazing Co-Counselor for the week - Miss Staci!!!!
Thank you to everyone who made her weeks at MSYC the very best they could be!! You have touched her life in a way you will NEVER know and we thank God for each and every one of you!

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