Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tournament Season Begins

Anyone who knows my son, knows he can play baseball year round, so when he was selected for All-Stars again this year - he was ready.  We began the tournament season this past weekend in a small All-Star Bash tournament with some of the teams we will see in our sub-district tournament next weekend.  The team won Friday night, and was ready to play two games on Saturday.
 They played very well - lost the first game to Bolivar (who always plays well) and won the second game against the team that put us out at state last year!!!!  Whoo Hooo!!
What brothers and sisters do while the games are going on - my LB holds story time!!!
Well, two games turned into 3 games in a matter of 6 hours - Carter was in HEAVEN!!!!  We came out with the runner-up title losing to Bolivar - the team that beat us for district last year.

Considering the team has only been playing together for two weeks - we did not think this was a bad outcome!!!!

Carter was excited and now we are ready for sub-districts this weekend - where we play Bolivar in the first round!!!!!AAAHHHHH!!!!

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Kimberly Washer said...

How cute is that that LB reads to the other kids!!! I love that last picture of Carter with the sunrays!!! Congrats Carter!!

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