Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Book Review: An Unlikely Suitor

I am so blessed that Bethany House will send me complimentary copies of their new books for me to read, and then all I have to do is write about them!! How lucky am I?    The newest book they sent me is called An Unlikely Suitor by Nancy Moser.  I have read some of her other books and enjoyed them.  This one is by far my favorite one!!!  All at once you are captivated by Lucy and her sweet family as they live in the Italian immigrant section of New York.  Having lost the father a few years earlier, you see their struggle to make ends meet even though Lucy and her little sister Sophia work in a sweat shop and her mother makes hats at home.  When they receive a note saying they are being evicted because they are tearing down their building for a park, all seems lost.  However, Lucy meets her angel one Sunday morning as the man offers her family jobs in his dress shop and an apartment over the shop.  Life seems to be looking up for them.  Lucy meets and develops a deep friendship with one of her customers, Rowena.  From this friendship, Lucy and her family are offered more than they ever dreamed of for their life.

The book highlights the lives of the three young ladies - Lucy, Sophia and Rowena.  Mrs. Moser keeps you on your toes as you see each one's view of different situations.  The book is full of love, growing up,  growing faith in the Lord, and even some mystery and scandal!  I was kept intrigued during the whole book and had a hard time putting it down for a break!  I would highly recommend this book to anyone!

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