Sunday, September 4, 2011

Literary Ladies Has Begun

My friend, Kristen, and I have been following Melissa for a LONG time.  One thing she has started at her home congregation is a book club.  Ever since we had seen this, we wanted to do the same.  This summer we were able to spend some great quality time with Melissa and were able to pick her brain about this.  After this, we were convinced we HAD to do this!!!  Thursday night was our first meeting and we were so excited!  We asked everyone to bring their favorite book (or books) and favorite finger food to share for the night.  We decorated using some of our favorite books on the tables . . .

For the food table, we used some of our favorite cookbooks as the centerpiece along with wicker vases filled with greenery.

As the ladies entered the room for the night, they were greeted by Bridget 
who asked them to fill out a name tag putting their favorite book characters' name.
We had them mingle by filling out a form with the person's REAL name
along with their favorite book character and what book they were found in.

We enjoyed eating together and sharing our favorite characters.

After dinner, we shared some thoughts about being a 
"Classic" Christian lady.
Kristen did a great job telling everyone about the club 
and what we wanted to do with it.
To reveal the first book we are going to read, Kristen announced that
Jennifer won the "mingle" contest by correctly guessing
the most names and books correctly. As her prize, she won a copy of the book 
we are going to read for December.
And what is it . . . .?

Kristen made these great bookmarks with the date of the next book club
as well as the book we are going to read and where you can find it.

Find our December selection here,
or enter for a chance to win it!
Leave a separate comment for each one . . .

1.  Leave a comment saying you would like it.
2.  Follow this blog
3.  Follow this blog on facebook
4.  Suggest a book that you would recommend for our book club to read

I had a great time working with these wonderful ladies (Jennifer, Bridget and Kristen) to get the night together. We had about 30 ladies from all ages that were able to come and I think excitement has been generated!!!!

I will announce the winner of the book on Friday!!!!


Julie said...

that sounds like fun, we were involved in a book club here and loved it until most of the people moved away :( Sad. What is the book about? That is where I discovered Jasper Fforde, and that was one of the decisions we made in naming our son Jasper because I love him as an author, so witty and fun and takes you outside of your imagination. Not sure if that is the kind of book you are looking for, but I love all his books. The Eyre Affair, is his first one based on the novel by Jane Eyre.... it is brilliant! Enjoy

Julie said...

oh and it is non christian, so it might not qualify, but it is good :)

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