Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sweets for the Sweet - A Mommy Shower

Our group of friends started giving "Mommy Showers" to those who were having their third baby a few years ago.  Guests were encouraged to bring items for the mommy - to pamper, to help, to let them know we were thinking of them.  Allison chose to have a Mommy Shower even though it is her second because she is having another girl and could use a lot of things again.  We looked and looked for the perfect them and (thanks to Pinterest) came up with the theme Sweets for the Sweet because you can't find many people sweeter than Allison!!!  All the girls brought non-sweet finger foods, and Sandy and I prepared the ice cream sundae bar!!!!!  I thought it turned out just precious!!!!

I found the cutest labels on Pinterest and was able to download them for free from this website.  Once I downloaded them, I was able to make them my own. It was VERY nice!!!!!  I found all different kinds of sundae dishes at Wal-Mart to hold the various toppings and spoons.  I am excited to have these in my collection now! I think we will use these a lot.  Kristen made the precious pom poms you see in the pictures.  Thank you, Pinterest, again!!!!

For the centerpiece on the food table and on the end table, we filled at small vase full of bright colored flowers.  Next, we placed it inside a larger vase and filled the larger vase full of jelly beans and gummy bears.  Note to self, Sandy said the gummy bears were easier than the jelly beans!!!!  I thought they turned out super cute though!

YAY, for good friends!!!!  This had been a super stressful week and that day had been an oh so crazy day, but what a way to end it.  Sitting around talking (and eating) with some wonderful girls!!!!

Allison got some great things for her (and for baby Shelbie), and I hope she realizes how much we love her and he precious family!!!

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Melissa Lester said...

Love this! Sweets for the sweet from sweet friends -- sweet!

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