Sunday, September 4, 2011

Time to SOAR

Well, I have jumped into the teaching mode and got my feet wet by participating in the SOAR assembly on Thursday.  Our mascot is the eagle and Mrs. Kim (our principal) has been having SOAR assemblies to help encourage the children to soar like an eagle in their school work as well as their manners.  One of our teachers is so talented with writing songs and singing.  She spent the summer writing new words to different songs. Then, some of us go together every afternoon for two weeks to learn the songs and moves.  It was really a fun time getting to know some of the teachers I did not know as well (and seeing different sides of them as you will see from the pictures)!!!!
Me, Ms. Jill (my team teacher) and Ms. Stacey (our next door neighbor)

Mrs. Belinda and Mrs. Susan - our fearless leaders
Doesn't Mrs. Susan look like Abby from NCIS?

The Cowboy and Cowgirl group

The whole group that participated

My third grade teachers
I forgot my camera that day (Grrr . . .) so these were taken with my camera phone.  I just had to share what fun people I am working with now!!!


Kristen said...

Is that Rosemary in the blue wig???!! Too funny!

Becky W said...

Yes it is!!!! It was a great day!!!!

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