Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Night of the Moving Tailgate Party

Our Sunday school class from church had a great night last week.  We spent the night celebrating SEC football at its best, great food and wonderful fellowship by having a tailgating progressive dinner!  It was so much fun!!!!  We started the night at Cliff and Sherry Thompson's house (the first and last couple who got their picture taken by me!!) for appetizers.  We had buffalo chicken wings, pigs in a blanket, different chips and dips, etc.  It was great!  I was also introduced to white tea - OH MY GOODNESS!! Lipton hit the jackpot there and I will be getting some - raspberry flavored!

It was a great place to start the night! Then, we moved down the road to Anthony and Adana Buttrum's house for drinks and games.  They had iced down canned drinks and games galore for us to play.

Moving down the road, we wound up at Tony and Melissa Allen's house for the main course. They created a hot dog bar for you to create your own hot dog with every kind of topping imaginable!!!  Tony and Melissa just moved into the house so it was so nice for others to see what they have done with it!  Of course, the UT/Florida game was on the big screen at this house (and it flipped back and forth between that and the Bama game).

I left a little early and crossed the street to get to our house where everyone came for desserts/drinks. The desserts were actually across from our house at Joe and Sarah Ellis' house. I was not able to go over there as I was getting ready for them to come to our house.  Sarah had desserts to go at her house, so they got their desserts and came to our house.

Under the carport, we had Coke floats or other basic drinks for people to enjoy as they just sat around the house and relaxed watching football or just talking.

It was a GREAT night and we have already put into plan something for later in the year.  It was nice that all 5 houses were in a mile from each other! In fact, the last 3 houses, people could just walk from one to another.  We are so blessed with a wonderful church family and wonderful Christian friends.

If ANY of you have a great tailgating drink idea (non-alcholic), please send it my way!!!! I had the hardest time finding one.

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