Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dressing Up in Our Best Jorts for Homecoming

Homecoming weekend is always a time where I love for the kids to put on their best to be ready to meet and greet former kids and our friends from our college days.  So when I get a text from Hunter Friday night saying they are wearing flannel shirts and jorts I was a tad confused.  Come to find out Carter had been texting Hunter asking how they were going to dress up for the game the next day.  Remember this from last year?  Well, it's back and Carter is participating . . .  So this is how he dressed for Homecoming this year . . .

Trying to figure out from Hunter exactly why they have their back to the visiting team as they are introduced.

At least LB's friends dress appropriately!!!  Thanks, Whit, Claire and Katie!
Not only did he dress the part, the baseball boys who were on the losing team for their intersquad World Series had to keep mustaches.  I got a picture from the other side of the gym showing that Carter had "grown" one during the guys' game.  He wanted to be like Wood.  

We loved getting to see our Hayley (Hunter and Whitney's sister who has joined the family this year) play basketball.  LB is sitting in her lap in this picture.

Thankfully, we did not go out to eat afterwards!!!!  We did enjoy ourselves at Homecoming very much this year and are proud of our students - present and past.

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