Sunday, November 20, 2011

A "Frankly" Ghoulish Halloween Party

Our friend, Rachel, is quite taken with Halloween.  To say she loves it is a MAJOR understatement!  She holds a BIG Halloween party each year and this summer she asked me to help design some of the elements for the party.  I was honored.  The kids were so excited about the party and could not wait dress up!!!
Rock Star LB, Viking Princess Cecily and Darth Carter

 I even joined in again this year.  I could not think of much, so I went as a fairy!!!  Thank you, LB's dress up box!!!!
Me and Bridget
Rachel always goes above and beyond with her decorating!  She was trying to have a Halloween party with NO orange this year.  Her theme was Frankenstein . . . Here are her precious centerpieces made from clear rectangled plates, green toile, black construction paper, bolts and glow sticks!!!  

The Hardeman House was the venue for the evening.  The usually beautiful dining room was full of black spiders and the like . . .
The candy bar.
I made the apothecary labels telling the guests what the candy was.
Here is an up close look at some of the types of candy she had that night as our treats . . . .

The menu consisted of

Barbecued Beast (BBQ) 
Zombie Guts (Baked Beans)
Green Slime (Ranch Dip that was tinted green)
Radioactive Cupcakes
Young Frankensteins (Rice Krispie Treats)
Pumpkin Cookies
Monster Strawberries 
Witches Brew
Along with other Poisons you could choose

I made these cupcake toppers for her radioactive cupcakes.

I loved using the Mini Monster cricut cartridge to make the labels.  I was not as creative as I had hoped to be with the new job, but LOVED being a part of this amazing night.   Can't wait till next year, Rachel!

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