Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trixie, the Halloween Fairy Book Club

Laura Beth's book club met the other night to discuss October's book of the month Trixie, the Halloween Fairy.  The girls LOVE the fairy books so they were so excited to get to read this one.  We had decided that they could all dress as their favorite fairy for this club meeting.  
To get ready for the night, LB and set the table in a fall/Halloween mood.  LB had picked out the plates and glow-in-the-dark fairy wands a long time ago.  Thank you, Pinterest, for the candle idea!!! (Don't you just LOVE Pinterest!)

My fairy - Stacey, the Soccer fairy (big surprise there) waits for her fellow friends to come for the night!

I was horrible and did not get pictures of the food we ate.  Our menu for the night was:

Fairy Sandwiches
(sandwiches cut in half as triangles and then set on the plates
with the points together)
vegetables and dip
apples and caramel dip
(this was part of the book)
cheese and crackers
Fairy Wands 

Rachel Grace and Sarah were jewels and made the Fairy wands for us.  They took pretzel rods, dipped them in white chocolate and covered them with sprinkles.  The girls absolutely devoured them while we talked about the book.

We are taking the month of November and December somewhat off because of holidays and everything. However, while we are gone, we are going to all read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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