Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's All For the Kids, Right . . . .

East Chester had their annual Fall Festival and, now that I am employed, my role was a tad different from years past.  Ms. Kim asked for volunteers to be silly stringed by the kids, so, of course, I signed up - chalk one up to being a rookie or whatever - because it is all for the kids, right?  My team teacher, Jill, and I took the 5:00-5:30 spot and only had about 5 minutes of a break ($3 a can - that's not that bad - because it is all for the kids, right?


Of course, my kids got a hold of me more than once!!! The above picture shows my sweet little Cecily (who I have kept since she was 6 weeks old!) getting a hold of me as well!!!

Me and Jill - we survived!
 FHU's baseball team came to help us run the games and did a fabulous job (as always)! Carter especially loved them being there.
BFF Hunter and Carter sportin' their stone cold look

LB FINALLY got her face painted and showed her true colors!!!
We had a great time . . . raised a lot of money . . . had a great time . . . ate great food . . . and enjoyed ourselves 100% - 

and it was ALL FOR THE KIDS!!!!

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