Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cookie Time!!!!!!

The question I heard all year, "When are we going to do the Christmas Cookie Swap?"  We set the date and invited our friends for another Saturday afternoon of food, family and FUN, FUN, FUN!!!  Gran Willis hosted the party at her house this year.  We are so thankful for her opening up her home (and Grandad leaving it) so we could have a good time with our friends.  

As the girls arrived, they put together gingerbread houses for their treat boxes.  There were plenty of big friends to help and lots of creative minds going as the houses were decorated to each little personality.
Gathered around the breakfast table to put together their gingerbread houses
Thankful for BIG friends who help us
Each family unit brought 3 dozen cookies to the party.  We shared some, ate some and took some home with us!  

Once our houses were placed together, each girl/mom/grandma got a container to fill for someone else.  Many of these containers were delivered as a groups later on in the party.  Some were taken back to other special people.  We got the containers here.  After we filled the containers for others, we feasted on the goodies ourselves!!!!
Cherri and Mary Katherine fix their container of goodies

After eating and eating and eating some more, we broke into two groups to deliver the containers of cookies to some of the older people in our neighborhood.  Each group took the time to not only deliver the cookies, but to stop and spend some time with the ones we visited.  This was one of the most special times of the day!
Eden, Kristi, LB, Lilly, Mrs. Ann, Melissa, Cecily and LeAnn went to visit
Group Number 2 - Me, Jana, Madlyn, Cherri, Kinlee, Stephanie, LeighAnn, RoRo

Visiting Mrs. Hogan
We are so thankful for all of our friends and family who came to celebrate this special day with us.  I think I see a tradition in the making here!
Suzanne and Lillie
LB and Anna Catherine - Mrs. Donna came, too, but got out of the picture!
RoRo even got to come this year!
LeighAnne and Jana
Madlyn and Cathy
Cecily and LeAnn
Kinlee and Stephanie even joined us for the day!
Lilly, Mrs. Ann and Melissa 
Eden and Kristi
Thanks to all who made this a great day!


Kristen said...

Becky, this is a completely awesome tradition! I just love it!! Excellent idea.

Kimberly Washer said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea!!!!!

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