Thursday, June 19, 2014

Snow Days ... Cold Days ... No School Days ...

This January we had a lot of days where it was just too cold to go to school.
I don't know.  I don't make the rules.  I just try to follow them.
We had a great time just being together.
It really was nice.
We tried some new things, and kept doing things we have always done on
"No School Days."
I think it is safe to say we had fun!

1.  We fill pots with water and set them to boiling on the stove.  When the water was hot enough,
we took it outside and threw it (away from our bodies).  When the hot water hit the cold air, 
we heard a loud BANG and saw for an instance (check out the 2nd picture) the water freeze
in different shapes.  They LOVED this!

2.  We played COUNTLESS games of Phase 10 - in our pajamas!

3.  We made glass balls.  We filled balloons up with water and food coloring.  Then, we placed them outside overnight.  They next morning, we took the balloon covering off to reveal beautiful glass balls.  This was a HUGE hit!

4.  We built forts and slept in them.

 Then spring came and we had to go back to school.
However, we enjoyed our time very much!

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