Thursday, June 19, 2014

Last Time in the Old Auditorium

For years now, our elders at church have been planning for our 
congregation.  We have just simply outgrown the one we are in, and we need a new one.
We also need classrooms because we have no more to grow into.
Two years ago, we had a ground breaking, and in one week,
we are going to get into the new auditorium!
People laugh and call me the family historian but one day they will thank me!
So, I gathered everyone together and took pictures in different spots.

4 generations at the stage.  My mom, aunt and I all got married on this stage.

In order from oldest to youngest in "Grandmama's Pew" - this is where she sat every Sunday, and
I am proud to say that it is now in my house!

Me and My Kim!  This is where our dear friendship started and how grateful I am for that!
I can't wait until next week when we are in the new one!
How exciting (and different) it is going to be!

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