Friday, June 13, 2014

It's Cookie Swap Time!!!

Every year at the beginning of December, LB and her friends have a cookie swap.
It really has become one of the highlights of the season, and this 
year was no exception.
Our lives at this point had been so crazy (hence the reason it is JUNE and I am blogging about Decemeber!) that I decided we would do a super easy recipe.
Harry Potter Carter even got in on the helping.

This was our recipe - about as simple as it comes!

Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Oreos

1 package of Oreos
white chocolate bark
peppermints, crushed

Melt the chocolate bark.
Dip the Oreos into the bark.
Dip the Oreos into the peppermint.
Let the Oreos sit.

After last year's fiasco, I don't know if I will ever truly "bake" again!
These however were a HIT and this is what ours looked like.

The event always takes place at Gran's house so we headed over there to help her get things ready.
Once the girls and moms and grandmas start arriving, we always have something for them to do.
This year we made gingerbread ornaments that could be attached to the packages of cookies we were going to deliver.

Then, once everyone has arrived, we let the girls make the boxes of cookies we are going to deliver later on in the party.  The girls enjoy going around and selecting just the right treats for our special older friends.

Then, they get to enjoy the cookies!

Once we are done eating, we split into different groups and go visit.
It is so neat to see how they girls want to go and visit the same people each year.
Our older friends look forward to it so much as well.
This year, one set even asked when we were coming so they could be sure to have their house
decorated when we came!!
It is great to see the relationships forming!

LB has been wanting to go into this house for YEARS and finally got the chance!
It was beautiful!

 This group has become such a special group of young ladies.
I love seeing how they have grown and how we have added little sisters to the mix as well.
I am so glad they all have each other and we have them!

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