Wednesday, July 23, 2014

MSYC Week 7

While I hate that 5 weeks of our 9 week summer were spent NOT together,
I LOVE the fact that those 5 weeks were spent at MSYC.
This year it worked out where the kids did not go AT ALL together.
Next year, I think I am putting my foot down and that will not happen.
However, I do love the fact that they love to make new friends...
that they love to spend time in a place that focus on God...
that they want to spend their summers surrounded by people who are wanting them
to go to heaven.

Carter spent his last week at MSYC alone.
He was the ONLY boy from our church there.
Did that bother him?

He made a TON of new BIG friends.

He even got Camper of the Week!

He got to spend another week with his beloved Spenser before he heads
off to Disney.  (McCall Family, you better take care of him!)

Apparently, he never left these 2 except to sleep at night.

However, he is ready to spend 2 days with this girl before SHE leaves for camp!

And who could forget Lanie....

He really does love her!

No.... there really is no other place I would want my kids to spend their summer.
Thank you, MSYC, for giving them a little piece of heaven on earth!

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